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5/28/17 - Specialized AirTool Pro Floor Air Pump Review

Pro level floor air pump is built like a tank but needs a quick modification for motorcycle use.

5/21/17 - Arai Signet-X Helmet Review

The X factor comes to the Arai Long Oval shape in El Craneo form.

5/16/17 - Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots Review

Version 2 of what must be the most popular adventure-touring boots of all time. And with good reason.

5/12/17 - Pilot Direct Air Jacket V3 Review

Version 3 of this useful, user-friendly mesh jacket that is also reasonably priced.

5/8/17 - CSC TT250 Motorcycle Review

Can a 250 cc adventure-tourer for less than 2200 bucks be any good?

5/4/17 - Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Review

Bargain priced helmet with Sena Bluetooth built-in.

4/29/17 - REV'IT! Sand 3 Pants Review

Mid-range all-around, four-season rugged pants with removable liners.

4/24/17 - REV'IT! Discovery OutDry Boots Review

Modern looking, comfortable and rugged boots cover all the bases and are absolutely waterproof.

4/20/17 - Shoei RF-SR Review

New helmet from Shoei at a slightly more reasonable price pretty much does it all.

4/16/17 - Pilot Dura Over Pants Review

Basic over pants are waterproof and have a slim fit compared to other brands.

4/11/17 - REV&IT! Sand 3 Jacket Review

Is there a better mid-range adventure-touring 3/4-length jacket? Probably not.

4/7/17 - Smart Turn System Review

A new microprocessor controlled system monitors 300 data points per second to automatically cancel turn signals.

4/4/17 - Pilot Trans Urban Jacket V2 Review

Updates to the original very popular jacket, sold at an excellent price point.

4/2/17 - Spidi Avant-Garde Lady Gloves Review

A second look at these soft leather and waterproof gloves from the woman's perspective.

3/31/17 - Scotopia Technologies NVx Visor Review

This time we take a quick look at a pre-production unit of a night vision technology visor for a motorcycle helmet that shows a lot of promise.

3/28/17 - REV'IT! Westport Overshirt Review

Stylish looks in a semi-protective overshirt that looks great on the bike or on the town.

3/28/17 - REV'IT! Alpha RF Chinos Review

Stealth pants that look like street chinos but with protection and good looks.

3/23/17 - Pilot ST-17 Helmet Review

Sub-$100 helmet has many nice features, quiet and includes an internal sun visor.

3/20/17 - 7Eye Motorcycle Sunglasses Review

10 years later we review more 7Eye sunglasses, this time with photochromic lenses.

3/17/17 - Choosing and Buying a Motorcycle: A Woman's Perspective

One woman's search for the perfect bike.

3/14/17 - HJC RPHA 11 Pro Review

Light weight, excellent build quality and about the best ventilation available in a full-face helmet.

3/10/17 - Costco Battery Tender Review

A special Battery Tender with 3.0A output for less than 30 bucks?

3/5/17 - SHAD SH58X 3-Way Expandable Top Case Review

Brand-new unique top case expands from big to bigger to gargantuan!

3/2/17 - Ohmics MotoBrakeBT Bluetooth Programmable Brake Light Review

First look pre-review of the latest generation of Ohmics programmable brake lights.

2/27/17 - Sidi Gossip Shoes Review

Street shoes for cool cats have a unique one-piece knitted textile top for comfort and good looks.

2/22/17 - HJC DS-X1 Review

A super deal on a solid dual-sport helmet.

2/18/17 - Motorcycle Battery Tester Review

We take a Quick Look at a generic battery tester but discover you're probably better off with a cheap multimeter.

2/13/17 - Kriega R25 and R35 Backpack Review

High quality motorcycle backpacks with a nicely designed carrying system.