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12/7/16 - INNOVV Power Hub1 Review

Inexpensive and simple power distribution system for connecting motorcycle accessories.

12/4/16 - Tork Maxx Speakers With Inline Amplifier Review

Able to reach higher volume with slightly improved clarity, but with caveats.

11/30/16 - RKA Luggage Review: RKA Shiloh Road Tank Bag and Starr II Seat Bag

Made in the U.S.A. luggage with some nice features, especially the mounting system for the seat bag.

11/27/16 - Arai Quantum-X Review

The Quantum is back! This is the helmet for round-head riders, updated with all the latest Arai features.

11/22/16 - Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Pants Review

Basic overpants for men and women in a wide range of sizes. This pair was actually crash tested!

11/17/16 - iXS Vidar Gore-Tex CE-Certified Gloves Review

Very nice textile leather combination gloves are guaranteed waterproof and have the new Gore Grip technology.

11/13/16 - Caberg Ghost Review

Unique streetfighter retro Jet helmet with rotating attached visor is as cool as it gets.

11/9/16 - Touratech Waterproof Moto Tank Bag Review

Big and waterproof tank bag also doubles as a backpack or tail bag but not without some mounting concerns.

11/5/16 - 2016 BMW C 650 GT Scooter, Final Report

Part 2 of a report on the updated BMW scooter.

11/2/16 - TecMate OptiMate O-105 Dual-Port USB Charger Review

Powerful quick charger with 3300mA output, dual USB ports and automatic shutoff is the latest in USB charging for motorcycles.

10/29/16 - SPIDI Stormy H2Out Women's Jacket Review

Waterproof, warm and comfy street jacket with motorcycle protection.

10/27/16 - HMK Intimidator Gloves Review

All goat leather sport gloves are comfortable after initial break-in and have a few unique features.

10/24/16 - Weiser LED Turn Signal Review

The Weiser Ultrabrights Extreme LED turn signals are available for many different motorcycle makes and models.

10/20/16 - Spidi Ace Leather Jacket Review

Buttery soft Italian leather with timeless retro styling for men and women.

10/17/16 - SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera Review

Inexpensive GoPro clone is easy to use and takes good quality video.

10/12/16 - 2016 BMW C 650 GT First Impressions and Video

The updated CVT, engine and exhaust make a huge difference!

10/8/16 - Koso Apollo Heated Grips Review

The latest technology in heated grips makes them easy to install with a factory look. And they put out the heat with 5 levels.

10/6/16 - Snap-On LED Work Light Review

Rugged build quality and reasonable price with 2000 lumens of cool light.

10/5/16 - Schuberth C4 Helmet Preview

Not much is known at this point but here are some photos.

10/1/16 - Chain Monkey Review

The Chain Monkey is a tool to help adjust a motorcycle chain, hopefully getting the slack correct the first time.

9/29/16 - Knox Roseberry Jeans Review

Comfort, style and protection in these women's motorcycle jeans.

9/27/16 - SW-Motech Quick-Lock EVO Daypack

Another look at a useful tank bag that has now been installed on 6 different motorcycles.

9/23/16 - Yamaha XSR900 Review

Retro sporty heritage with a big fun factor. Here is a First Impressions look at the 60th Anniversary Edition.

9/18/16 - ROK Straps Review

Beats bungee cords by a mile but not without a few quirks.

9/14/16 - SHAD 3P System and SH36 Side Cases on the BMW S1000XR

More details on the award-winning and patented SHAD 3P mounting system and SH36 side cases.

9/10/16 - Mustang Seat Review

The Mustang Wide Tripper seat looks great on a Softail Slim and it's made in the U.S.A.

9/7/16 - iXS Criton Jacket Review

Premium features at a mid-range price. iXS is new to the U.S.A.

9/4/16 - Continental Road Attack 2 EVO Tire Review

Outstanding sport-touring tires for wet and dry conditions.