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1/23/17 - TCX S-Speed Boots Review

Waterproof CE certified supersport boots with plenty of protection for the street.

1/20/17 - TCX X-Blend Boots Review

Waterproof work boots are CE certified and comfortable for street riding, touring or walking.

1/17/17 - Ermax Windshield Review

The windscreen company you never heard of makes zillions of them in France.

1/12/17 - UClear AMP Intercom Review

Updated intercoms with more features, Bluetooth 4.2, Multi-Hop technology and ease of use.

1/8/17 - Lindstrands Blaze Jeans Review

A relatively unknown brand with a nice pair of motorcycle jeans lined with Hi-Art protective fabric.

1/6/17 - AGV Sport Compass Jacket Review

Interesting combination of waxed cotton and leather make a comfortable sport riding or touring jacket at a reasonable price.

1/3/17 - MotoPumps Air Shot Portable Tire Air Compressor Review

Small but powerful pump fits under the seat and pretty much does it all.

12/31/16 - 2016 webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards

We name our favorite products of the year in the 12th annual Product of the Year Awards, a traditional New Year's Eve event on!

12/30/16 - iXS Curtis Jacket Review

Nicely made leather jacket with different styling and CE certified back protector, elbow and shoulder protectors.

12/26/16 - Helite Leather Airbag Jacket Review

Leather version of the Helite airbag system has a built-in CE certified back protector and Knox shoulder and elbow protectors.

12/21/16 - Hepco & Becker Royster C-Bow Review

Cool-looking semi-rigid bags with the unique C-Bow mounting system.

12/19/16 - Bestem Carbon Fiber Fender Review

Nice quality and selection of carbon fiber parts for many different motorcycles, this is a review of the front fender for a BMW F800S.

12/17/16 - Nolan N87 Review

A fantastic new helmet, hands-down the best motorcycle helmet you can buy for the money!

12/14/16 - Macna Ivy RL Night Eye Jacket Review

Nice-looking inexpensive women's jacket with Night Eye technology that really pops in headlights!

12/11/16 - Spidi STS-R Gloves Review

Lots of nice features and colors for street riding but no secondary wrist strap.

12/9/16 - Zooke Anti-Fog Review

Popular visor anti-fog treatment for skiers. Does it work for motorcycle helmet visors?

12/7/16 - INNOVV Power Hub1 Review

Inexpensive and simple power distribution system for connecting motorcycle accessories.

12/4/16 - Tork Maxx Speakers With Inline Amplifier Review

Able to reach higher volume with slightly improved clarity, but with caveats.

11/30/16 - RKA Luggage Review: RKA Shiloh Road Tank Bag and Starr II Seat Bag

Made in the U.S.A. luggage with some nice features, especially the mounting system for the seat bag.

11/27/16 - Arai Quantum-X Review

The Quantum is back! This is the helmet for round-head riders, updated with all the latest Arai features.

11/22/16 - Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Pants Review

Basic overpants for men and women in a wide range of sizes. This pair was actually crash tested!

11/17/16 - iXS Vidar Gore-Tex CE-Certified Gloves Review

Very nice textile leather combination gloves are guaranteed waterproof and have the new Gore Grip technology.

11/13/16 - Caberg Ghost Review

Unique streetfighter retro Jet helmet with rotating attached visor is as cool as it gets.

11/9/16 - Touratech Waterproof Moto Tank Bag Review

Big and waterproof tank bag also doubles as a backpack or tail bag but not without some mounting concerns.

11/5/16 - 2016 BMW C 650 GT Scooter, Final Report

Part 2 of a report on the updated BMW scooter.

11/2/16 - TecMate OptiMate O-105 Dual-Port USB Charger Review

Powerful quick charger with 3300mA output, dual USB ports and automatic shutoff is the latest in USB charging for motorcycles.

10/29/16 - SPIDI Stormy H2Out Women's Jacket Review

Waterproof, warm and comfy street jacket with motorcycle protection.

10/27/16 - HMK Intimidator Gloves Review

All goat leather sport gloves are comfortable after initial break-in and have a few unique features.