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6/23/16 - 2016 Bell Star Review

Complete revision of the previous Star with many new features but it's heavy.

6/20/16 - Acebikes U-Turn Motor Mover Review

Unique folding motorcycle dolly is lightweight and works in very tight spaces.

6/16/16 - REV'IT! Summit 2 H2O Gloves Review

Waterproof, reasonably priced and plenty of protection and a unique automatic wrist security system with a slightly off fit.

6/14/16 - Kawell Amber LED Light Bar Review

Lots of cheap conspicuity with this well made LED light bar.

6/11/16 - Sidi Livia Rain Boots Review

Waterproof women's touring boots without the glitzy styling.

6/8/16 - Sena Tube Review

Very easy to use and takes outstanding quality video. Includes excellent helmet mount and microphone for voiceovers.

6/4/16 - Spidi TX-2 Gloves Review

CE certified protection for summer riding and everything from cruising to adventure-touring.

6/1/16 - Schuberth E1 Review

Dual-sport flip-up for adventure-touring lite.

5/28/16 - Touratech Adventure Dry Bag Review

Touratech and Ortlieb partner to create a line of heavy-duty waterproof luggage.

5/25/16 - REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves Review

Probably the most protective summer gloves available today and a very unique and secure wrist strap system.

5/21/16 - Caberg Drift Helmet Review

New high-tech helmet with many features and a unique face shield.

5/19/16 - AGV Sport Telluride Gloves Review

Warm and waterproof and cheap with plenty of protection.

5/16/16 - Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Review

Is it a sportbike, sport-tourer or standard? First impressions of a new old motorcycle.

5/13/16 - AMI AX12 Akari Electrochromic Visor Insert Review

Interesting on/off tinted visor insert fits many different helmet face shield types.

5/9/16 - Motowerk Mirror Extenders Review

Super quality mirror extenders for Honda and Kawasaki motorcycles are dirt cheap and work great.

5/5/16 - Spidi Ventamax H2Out Jacket Review

Lightweight mesh with nice styling but a European fit and possibly too ambitious pricing.

5/3/16 - Scorpion EXO-T510 Review

Reasonably priced helmet loaded with features, three shell sizes and a five-year warranty.

4/30/16 - The Bell Star Custom Fit Gets a Custom Paint Job!

The cool carbon fiber gets a big makeover. Check this one out!

4/28/16 - Cameleon PLUS Chain Oiler Review

New system is easier to program and automatically adjusts oil flow for temperature and riding conditions.

4/24/16 - Sena SPH10H-FM Intercom Review

Updated system for half helmets now uses the Sena SMH5-FM brains.

4/21/16 - REV'IT! Airwave 2 Jacket Review

High quality inexpensive all-mesh jacket just in time for summer.

4/21/16 - REV'IT! Airwave 2 Pants Review

Very popular mesh pants work with many REV'IT! jackets.

4/17/16 - Scorpion GT920 Review

Reasonably priced flip-up helmet with plenty of style, comfort and more.

4/13/16 - R&G Racing Aero Frame Sliders Review

Teardrop shaped frame sliders for many different motorcycles but they don't quite fit the BMW S1000XR.

4/13/16 - R&G Racing Boot Guards and Frame Plugs Review

Protect your frame from boot scratches and plug those holes.

4/10/16 - Held Carese II Jacket Review

Nice styling, loaded with features and excellent ventilation in this three-quarter length adventure-touring design.

4/7/16 - Wide Foot Pegs for the Kawasaki Versys Review

The SW-Motech wide foot pegs make a big difference in comfort on the Kawasaki Versys 650 and 1000.

4/5/16 - Nexx X Garage Collection Helmet Review

Beautiful new very retro helmet designs with the X G100 full-face and the X G10 open-face in a variety of colors and graphics.